Bar Thoughts

The contents of the day are spread across the sky by the setting sun,
as the wind pushes me into the bar.

The evening crumbles,
and my body bleeds
into the shape of some wanting thing,
a walking wireframe.

In between those thin shoulders,
near where my heart should be,
an image plays of a retiree
endlessly combing a sandy beach.

Loneliness isn’t bad after all,
if one can get to know it.
Loneliness often makes for
better company than unwanted guests.

Another Friday off, to be filled with something.
I imagine the sunset tomorrow will be a non-event.
And I will continue walking,
100,000 steps more towards the gates.

Will they be open when I arrive?

My glass is empty, waiting to be filled by another.

I pay my tab and exit,
driving slowly towards my apartment doors
which will receive all my exasperation

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