The view upon entering the Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel

Please see my blog post entitled The Lark Ascends for a full description of what this blogsite is about.

To put it shortly, the Lark Ascends is a website dedicated to exploring the intersections of faith, art, hope and despair – and everything in between. In such an exploration, the goal is to elevate both readers and writers so they can see and savor common things in a new way. Through blog posts, poems, and various other content, the Lark Ascends will grapple with both the absurd and the mundane, non-sectarian perspectives and religion, and what it means to live a good life on planet Earth.

The Lark Ascends is currently maintained by Seth Brown. Thats me below. I know. Great picture, right?

During a camping trip at Big Bend, Texas.

I am looking for voices different than my own to be on this blog, because honestly, just look at me. I could use some perspective, and so could my readers. If you’re interested in contributing somewhat regularly (eh, once a month or so) to the blog, let me know via email.(swilliambrown.1@gmail.com).

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