Weekly-Ish Poems

Table of Contents (Listed Alphabetically)

  1. Alabaster Jars and Other Things
  2. American Passports
  3. Everything Now
  4. Faith and Doubt and Get Out Of Jail Free Cards
  5. God is Good
  6. On Comedy
  7. On the Universe and Feelings
  8. Symphonies
  9. Tres Leches Cake

On the Universe and Feelings


If Darwin is right,
Then all I hear at night
is the universe laughing at me,
And all the stars and planets and sunsets I see
are surely joining in
And fooling humanity
In the most absurd and cruelest trick ever played

Faith and Doubt and Get out of Jail Free Cards


how many times can I return to genuine faith
before I’ve used up all my get out of jail free cards?
And if I’ve doubted you before, why not again?
If I’ve almost walked away once
what’s to keep me locked in?
If every prayer of mine
Though lately, few and far between,
Starts and ends with question marks,
Then how many more prayers can I pray
Till you and I take our separate ways?
But I think You came and ripped up all my silly cards,
You stepped into my house
And your words gripped my heart,
You grabbed me by my shoulders, and are shaking me down
of all the needless things I thought I needed now
Like certainty, answers
Sweet sleep at night
Making sure my belief is 100% right
and I feel you going with me,
though you are not always in sight
And I believe you will always walk with me
Even as I wade through this crippling doubt

Everything Now, pt 1&2 & pt 3&4

(11/10/2018, 11/24/2018)


And this is my fight

Every night

To eschew darkness

By choosing light

Even as

shadows fall and enshroud

Both sights and sounds

To hold on and refrain

despite my mental strain

From wandering down

The wide and maddening lane

That lessens this lonely pain

And this is my fight.

But my fight

To reject the dark

And to walk and live in light

Surpasses even this lonely night.

Each moment I say no

To everything now

and the easy way out

I’m saying yes

To what is good

And clutching tightly to

what I know is true

And this is my fight.

And this is your fight.

And this is, also, our fight.

Pt. 2

I wonder when

Eve and Adam

bit into

that sacred fruit,

could it be

they reached too eagerly

for something that was

to be given at a later time?

The knowledge of good and evil

after all,

is a good thing to have,

some might even say,

Makes us human.

But, perhaps they acquired it and desired it

apart from God’s way and timing?

Perhaps they wanted

everything now,

and sweet convenience

Rather than sitting at the feet

Of the one who could teach

The difference between good and evil

and could it be

ever since then

humanity’s problems stem

from this covetous bundle of desires

within us all

That slips and seeks its way

into getting things


We want everything now

and the easy way out,

and fortunately,

somebody came

to show us a better way.

To be the better way

for us

even when our crouching bundle of desires

gets the best of us.


And even when

our bundle of desires wins

and guilt starts creeping in

Still I will remind myself

Of how it all will end

Not with a bang, or even a whimper

But rather, a peculiar silence

momentary, fleeting,

filled with a deep breath

And exhalation

Which will ignite

and cause flames to spread

Over the earth

Until even death is dead.

Because I know such a truth:

The reaping

of what my sinful self

Is sowing,

Will only be met with glorious redemption

After all has been said

And written

Yes, this truth keeps me here

Keeps me set firmly

In the earth and dirt

When my desires

Wish to flee and skirt

The way in which I must walk.

When my desires push me toward

Everything now

And the easy way out.

Still I will cling tightly to

What I know is true.


And this has been our fight

From the beginning

From plastic straws

To needlessly gas guzzling cars

From endless Netflix binging

To making sure our tribe is winning

From instant access pornography

To drive thru fast food eatery’s

Could it be that we are fighting

More so for sweet convenience

And everything now

Instead of considering how

We might walk in the way set before us?

Could it be

we are reaching too eagerly

For things to be given under different timing?

And this is our fight

Every night

To eschew darkness

By choosing light

And this has been our fight

From the beginning

And this will be our fight

Until that quiet and emblazoned ending.

———————————- t.o.c

American Passports


And one day

soon in coming

We will all forget

Our american passports

At heaven’s gate

in our mad dash

to gaze upon the beauty of the

Lord’s face

And one day

soon in coming

We will all take a quiz

on who exactly God is




one of us will flunk.

But it won’t matter, because

the test will pass through the

flames and burn to ash,

and we will

still get to gaze upon the

beauty of the Lord’s face

in his temple

because someone has already taken the test and passed.

And one day

soon in coming

A thin blue flame will catch the corner of the earth, as a flame catches the corner of a paper, and all things will be burned

And not yet consumed

As the fire spreads and fills the world.

what is good will be retained

while the slag will be removed.

The internet servers storing pornography

will be consumed

as will the needles in the streets


heroin addicts sleep.

The dollar bills collecting dust in bank vaults

and the dollar bills shoved into old mason jars,

buried underneath the oak tree

will all be consumed

in the thin blue flame.

All the ashes will be gathered, collected

And then scattered over the face of the earth

fertilizing the ground

and life will emerge

from what was once opposed to life.

Beautiful gardens filled with fruit will grow

for man and woman to pass through and stroll

as they go to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord’s face

in his temple.

and this day is soon in coming.

when it arrives, everything sad will come untrue

everything that was once lost will be found,

and everything will be ok, too.

And we will gaze upon the beauty of the Lord’s face

in his temple.

And our American passports will have long been turned to ash.


God Is Good


I saw a homeless man

on my way home from work

He was holding a sign

That said “God is good.” Amen, right?

Now I’m no fool,

But that seemed odd.

Because why would God

Seem good to him who has no home?

And further,

If I may bother,

Why would God

seem far off and Away

To me, When every day

I get to come home and stay?

How could God let himself be

So easily accused

Standing idly by,

As children are abused

All the while, I

Am losing my life in the land of the free?

So I guess I’m a little confused,

Because sometimes,

God does not seem good to me.

And yet somehow I know

that homeless man’s message is true.


Symphonies (Or, On Hiking Butterfield Trail in Arkansas)


The trees have come out for the symphony.

The rain drips and drops, splashing and pattering.

and the trees – they stand patiently

and the rain- it opens for the featured flute solo

and the soloist comes out,

as the birds emerge,

singing, playing, audience or no

knowing their song and tune

reaches far along

the river banks and dried up falls,

past bluffs and crags and clay

passing painted flowers along its way

finally reaching my weary ears

ears worn from sapping sounds

from the hum of traffic patterns

and construction workers.

From melodies overplayed

As I try to reach that mental escape.

Yes, the tune reaches my ears

refreshing and turning my thoughts

to the beauty around

I lose myself

in the beauty around

I hike on and I hear

All nature in turn,

turn to me and whisper

softly in my resurrecting ears:

“We don’t mind you stopping

to stay for a while

But if you go

Please go quiet.”


On Comedy


Forget Seinfeld and Murphy

Turn on Fox News and MSNBC

Place them side by side

During prime time

And you’ll get your comedy


Alabaster Jars and Other Things


We all

As alabaster jars

containing fragrant things

Stumble and tumble

Somewhat dangerously through this life


Walking the line


“I’m doing fine”

And “just trying not to break” –

Afraid of spilling our insides out

For others to take

Advantage of

And yet

In our breaking

Something beautiful happpens:

Fragrance fills the world

gracing others as it swirls

Around and about.

A woman came to Jesus once

And broke her alabaster jar.

Anointing the messiah,

She broke herself open

offering up her valued possession

As the disciples were watching –

Poking and prodding


And taking…

And Jesus said to her

“This is a beautiful thing you have done

Wherever the gospel is preached in my Name

What you have done will also be proclaimed

Your aroma will permeate my story, my gospel

For all to inhale and to encounter the Divine.”

We all

As alabaster jars

containing fragrant things

Stumble and tumble

Not nearly as dangerously

Through this life

As we ought

For in our breaking

The world

Encounters the divine face

in passing aromas,

hints of grace

(Mark 14:3-9)


Tres Leches Cake


I saw my savior being crucified

just the other day

I saw him portrayed on an electronic billboard sign

He was bloodied, battered, and hung up to die

pictured passionately crucified

Hands nailed and arms spread wide

with nothing but a hurricane-force love in his eyes

The sign read – I love you this much

And before I could process the imagery

of my savior dying for you and for me

the electronic billboard sign flashed on to another advertisement

By the way, did you know Ted’s is now serving Tres Leches Cake?

I can already hear someone, “It’s to die for….”

I saw my savior being crucified

just the other day.


2 thoughts on “Weekly-Ish Poems

    1. I wonder if it has to do with power? If you see my broken for all that I am, there is a sense of giving over control and power not just to what’s being broken for (Jesus), but also that power is given up to those who see the breaking (Disciples), whether we want them to or not.


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