Heavy World, Pt. 3

Tonight I sat
On the edge of my seat
Watching C-Span

The capitol had just been
By thugs and
White people who
Carried flags that said something like
“Jesus is my savior”
“Trump is my president.”

Later that night,
powerful persons
Sat and decided whether to put
Antibiotics on
The open wound,
Still running with blood,
Or not.

Some licked their lips.
Only a few,
Mostly white men
Maybe trying to represent
Their “constituents”
Maybe trying to get off
On some power trip
Maybe trying to increase
Their own political power.

Doesn’t matter.
They ignored the bleeding body
Of American democracy
Crossed to the other side and
Walked right on by.

The world is heavy tonight.
The world is watching tonight.

America feels heavy tonight.
America is watching tonight.

I feel heavy tonight.
I am watching tonight….

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