Conversation With the Sun


The sun met me by my parked car this morning and asked
“Why the rush?
Don’t you have something better to do,
Than go to that busy job of yours?”

I thought the sun brought up a particularly persuasive point, and so
Not wanting to offend,
I told the sun to meet me on my balcony in a minute or two.

There we sat, the sun and I, and discussed things like trees, and leaves and birds,
And work.
I told the sun I am still learning to say yes to beauty.
The sun said, “Why I think that’s a beautiful thing to say.”

I offered to make the sun some coffee,
But then realized the sun is 93 million miles away,
And it would take me a long time to deliver it.

The sun replied, “It would also be cold by then, and not many people enjoy cold coffee.”

I appreciated the sun’s politeness,
Because I know the sun has secretly always wanted to try some coffee,
Might even be a bit jealous
Since some people see coffee before they see the sun.

We sat in silence for a bit longer.

The sun then said, “I very much enjoyed this, but I’ve got places to go,
And a tight schedule, you’ll have to excuse me.”

I replied, “That’s alright,” and
“Thanks for stopping by,
I’ve got to go to work anyhow,
I’ll see you

I knew the sun was just thinking of me
And being polite again,
Because the sun,
Seeing my feet tap
And my eyes glance at my watch,
Probably knew I felt bad for being late to work,
And also the sun doesn’t actually move.

I am the one that moves, and I am still learning to say yes to beauty.

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