A brief journal entry excerpt:

“There’s hope. And there’s despair. And somewhere in between, there’s us. That’s right. Us. The collective human race – born across a spectrum of continents, centuries, ideologies, orientations, and beliefs.

But at the end of the day – at the end of it all, we are asking the question (and living out our answer) , ‘Is this life to be any good? Is this life, given to us by the cosmic stars, infinite oneness, or monotheistic god, worth the trouble it brings?’

Every day, we have to answer this question by leaning into hope or leaning into despair. Every day brings us closer to that thing which we are already looking for.

So what makes a successful life then? Well, for me, for now, it’s that the last word is hope – an eager expectation that whatever is to come will be abundant, overflowing, and ever-increasing.

If I can make it to the end of my days on this dusty rock and exhale hope even as I close my eyes, then I will have made a successful life.”

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