On Winning Tickets from a Radio Station

I just had a life-defining moment.

I actually won a contest/event that I entered.

Wow, let’s all take a collective pause to let that sink in. I won tickets from 92.9 The Edge FM to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise at the Jones Assembly in August of this year.

Friends, I don’t think my writing is adequately capturing the awe I felt when I received the message that I had, in fact, won the tickets.

Obviously, I’m making a big deal out of something completely random, but as I was sitting in my truck basking in the glorious realization, that I, Seth Brown, was indeed the winner of concert tickets, I also happened to have one of those “Aha” moments. Was my win completely random after all? Let’s find out.

I mean, how could I have won? I never win these things, but as my mind began to travel back down the road that led to me winning the tickets, my victory became clearer.

It all began earlier this week. I had lots of driving ahead of me during work hours. Working as a distribution engineer for OG&E entails lots of drive time to look at various job sites in order to get a feel for what the customer needs and what one can actually design. So, I had several jobs to go and check out, to make sure I could actually do what I thought I could do, and also to make sure that what is showing in our records/database is reflected in the field.

Normally, I would plug in my phone and shuffle Spotify till I die. But those OG&E trucks aren’t known for having high-end features, namely an AUX port. Enter the radio. I had plenty of time to find a station, and recently I’ve discovered 92.9 the Edge (Rock Alternative, if you’re wondering).

Wednesday I drove out to Calumet and back, and listened to 92.9 for most of the trip. When I got back to the office and parked, I left the station where it was, thinking absolutely nothing of it.

I spent most of the next day working on designs, so no drive time was needed; however, as I finished my last design for the day, I overheard one of my workers mentioning he would be taking the truck out to stake a job. He was going by himself, so I offered my help, thinking absolutely nothing of it.

We took the truck I drove yesterday, and as soon as the engine started, the lovely tunes of 92.9 the Edge came floating through the radio. My co-worker, who happens to have excellent taste in music, commented on the superb quality of the radio station. We conversed during the trip about Rock Alternative, etc, and also happened to overhear a giveaway for tickets to the Jones Assembly. We finished staking his job, and returned back to the office, and I, thinking absolutely nothing of it, thought how nice it would be to see a concert at the Jones Assembly (there’s one in October I definitely want to go to (Father John Misty, if you’re wondering).)

After work, I thoughtlessly plugged in my iPhone to my AUX port in my truck and began to drive to a coffee shop. But then I thought, “Man, I enjoyed listening to 92.9 The Edge, I’ll just pop it on and enjoy them.” And thinking absolutely nothing of it, I tuned to hear those solid rock alternative songs.

Well, the announcement came on about tickets to see Rainbow Kitten Surprise in August, and being thoroughly stuck in traffic, I thought, “Why not?” I sent in the text, and sure enough, moments later, I received a text: “Congrats! You have just won tickets!”

And just like that, I became a winner.

Now, why do I tell such a long (probably boring), albeit interesting story of winning concert tickets?

Glad you asked, because here’s why. But first, more questions.

Have you ever wondered how you got to your current position in life? Whether that “position” refers to your job, your spouse, your college, your house, your friends, etc.?

Have you ever wondered how many things had to be just right to get you in that position? Take some time to think about those things that had to be just right in order for you to be exactly where you are today, right now, reading this blog. I mean, how did we become friends? What made you check Facebook today? Why did you click on this link?

Sometimes I jokingly say before making a decision, “Everything in my life has been leading to this decision.” Or in other words, “Your whole life has been building up to this exact point that you are living right now.” Kinda crazy to think about, right? Such a thought makes you thankful for the things that have placed you where you are, whether they were good or bad at the time. And, if you happen to not like where you are, you can choose to change it, because everything has been leading up to this moment where you choose to make a change.

Now, if you happen to believe in a loving God (as I do), then suddenly the verse in Romans that says, “God works all things for the good of those who love him…” makes so much more sense. If you believe as I do, take a moment and thank God for all he has done in revealing himself to you. Like, it’s really crazy the more you think about his sovereignty.

Now, if you don’t happen to believe in God, much less a loving God, then may I propose a question? Maybe the reason you’re reading this right now is solely because God wants you to know him. Maybe your whole life has been leading to this moment, where you get to ask yourself, “Why do I not believe in God? Why should I?” (sidenote: somewhat narcissistic to think your whole life has been leading up to a point where you happen to read my blog… lol. Ok, moving on.)

I want to invite you to come and see who this God is. And if you don’t know where to begin, just start reading the book of John in the Bible. Find out for yourself; do your best to remove all the strange influences and ideas that you have picked up from people who claim they’re Christians and let Jesus do the talking.

After all, it’s really not about me and it’s certainly not about winning tickets to Rainbow Kitten Surprise; it’s about a God who works in the strangest of ways to chase us down and to love us with a type of recklessness uncommon in human imagining. It’s all about him, and I would love, dear reader, if you decided to experience a little more of him, even if you already know him.



You can always reach out to me if you have thoughts, comments, questions, concerns, considerations, suggestions, etc..

cell: 405-990-6268

email: seth.brown@eagles.oc.edu






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